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Product Code: 004271

1 tray: 52 pieces; 9-10 g per piece
Mix & Match:  
(see chart)
These hand-crafted Swiss tea cookies create a truly charming collection.
  • Amaretti Original: A light, airy almond cookie dusted white with sugar.
  • Vanilla Crescent: Vanilla specs throughout a tender half-moon shaped butter cookie.
  • Apricot Margritli: A flower shaped butter dough with apricot marmalade.
  • Hazelnut Leaf: A hazelnut butter cookie that is glazed and molded.
  • Florentine Round: A thin caramelized disk of candied nuts dipped in dark couverture.
  • Raspberry Margritli: A flower shaped butter dough with raspberry marmalade.
  • Hazelnut Tart: A butter hazelnut tartlet filled with a hazelnut frangipane filling.
  • Availability: In stock
Shelf Life: 365 Days
Recommended Storage: Refrigerated

Hazelnut Tart: nut bread filling in a buttery hazelnut tartlet Ingredients: hazelnuts; sugar; butter; wheat flour; eggs; milk; apricot; wheat dust; glucose syrup; glucose; honey; egg whites; wheat starch; egg yolks; sweet lupine flour; gellifying agent (E440a); humectant (sorbitol, glycerol, propylene glycol); acidifier (citric acid); fructose syrup; flavoring (lemon; apricot; vanillin; vanilla); spice (spice); emulsifier (glyceryl monostearate, sorbitan monostearate, sucrose esters of fatty acids); acidity regulator (sodium citrate); vegetable fat / oil (palm kernel; coconut); preservative (potassium sorbate); stabilizer (trietyl citrate) Raspberry Margritli: Flower-shaped butter dough with Raspberry jam Ingredients: sugar; butter; wheat flour; wheat starch; glucose syrup; wheat dust; almonds; raspberries; water; eggs; strawberries; gellifying agent (pectin); corn starch; vegetable fat / oil (palm; palm kernel; coconut); glucose; acidifier (citric acid); flavoring (raspberry; strawberry); acidity regulator (sodium citrate); preservative (potassium sorbate); alkalis, acids, salts (calcium phosphate); fruit juice Hazelnut Leaf: glazed nutty flavored cookie Ingredients: wheat flour; sugar; butter; hazelnuts; wheat dust; eggs; wheat starch; egg yolks; humectant (sorbitol); sweet lupine flour; spice (spice); fructose syrup; flavoring (lemon) Florentine Round: dense buttery nougat over a dark couverture base Ingredients: sugar; cream; almonds; glucose; cocoa butter; whole milk powder; butter; cocoa paste; lactose; thickening agent (acacia gum); skim milk powder; emulsifier (soy lecithin); flavoring (vanillin) Apricot Margritli : Flower-shaped butter dough with apricot jam Ingredients: sugar; butter; wheat flour; wheat starch; glucose syrup; apricot; wheat dust; almonds; eggs; apricot purée; gellifying agent (pectin); corn starch; acidifier (citric acid, tartaric acid); vegetable fat / oil (palm; palm kernel; coconut); glucose; acidity regulator (sodium citrate); preservative (potassium sorbate); flavoring (apricot); alkalis, acids, salts (calcium phosphate) Vanilla Croissant: vanilla specs throughout tender half moon butter cookie Ingredients: butter; wheat flour; almonds; sugar; wheat dust; wheat starch; humectant (sorbitol, propylene glycol); flavoring (vanilla; vanillin); emulsifier (sorbitan monostearate, sucrose esters of fatty acids, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) Amaretti Original: light airy crunch of almond pastry dusted white with sugar Ingredients: sugar; almonds; egg whites; humectant (sorbitol); bitter almonds; stabilizer (trietyl citrate)

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Ready to use, serve at room temperature

These cookies make a beautiful presentation on a buffet or dessert table; mix in with homemade cookies in the bakery case; great for amenities and room service; line up symmetrically on a mirror for an impeccable presentation

Time and labor saving; even, bite-sized portions; long shelf life

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