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With more than 100 years of tradition, Felchlin’s passion to create exceptional products with intense dedication and transparency has always been the top priority. Owned by a small international family companylocated in Schwyz, in the heart of Switzerland and in the middle ofEurope, Felchlin takes great pride in being one of the few factories inthe world that still produces fine, diverse and unique chocolate throughmodern and traditional methods that are tailored to each cocoa bean inorder to draw out the most appealing flavors. The origin is important,but more importantly it is the region - it must be the perfectcombination of climate, soil, and fermentation process.

Along with offering premium varieties of chocolate, an outstandingmid-level product line is also available for the professional user, suchas pastry chefs, chocolatiers, caterers, hotels, and restaurants fordiverse applications, including ready-to-use coatings, giandujas,natural fillings, and products for decorations. Felchlin has theflexibility to produce, innovate or adapt products to meet customer’sneeds and specializes in quality, not quantity.