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Product Code: 004150

Time and labor saving tray that makes sealing truffles easy. Height: 0.5 in/1.3 cm, Length: 12.8 in/32.4 cm, Width: 9.8 in/24.8 cm.

1 piece
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Recommended Storage: Dry/Ambient

Country of Origin: Switzerland
1. Prepare your favorite ganache.
2. Keep at a temperature of 74-76F and at a semiliquid state for ease of filling.
3. Remove the top plastic layer from the hollow truffle shell tray and adjust the openings of shells so they are all upright.
4. Place metal filling tray on top of the hollow truffle shell tray.
5. Fill a disposable pastry bag halfway with your ganache.
6. Fill individual shells with ganache from the bottoms up, to prevent the occurrence of air bubbles.
7. Scrape off excess filling with a metal scraper. First, pull the scraper horizontally across the tray to press in the filling securely. Then, use the scraper in a vertical position to scrape the surface clean.
8. Remove your metal tray and allow the filled truffles to set overnight in a cool, dry room.
9. Place the metal sealing tray over the filled truffle shell tray. Spread the tempered couverture (should be 95-98F) over the tray and scrape excess off to form a clean seal of chocolate over the truffle. Remove the tray and allow the truffles to set until couverture is firm.
10. Remove the shells from the tray and finish by dipping in couverture. Place on truffle rack, decorate as desired and allow to set.