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Product Code: 004372

1 tray: 70 pieces; 10 g per piece
Mix & Match:  
(see chart)
A colorful and creative collection of unique dobosch confections.

  • Caramel Swerve: Cassis jelly with caramel ganache filling between dobosch biscuits.
  • Whiskey Blue: Cherry jelly with whiskey ganache filling between chocolate dobosch biscuits.
  • Banana Strawberry: Strawberry jelly with banana ganache filling between chocolate dobosch biscuits.
  • Dark Hazelnut: Hazelnut gianduja with caramelized hazelnut bits and hazelnut ganache filling between chocolate dobosch biscuits.
  • Divine Raspberry: Raspberry jelly with raspberry ganache filling between dobosch biscuits.
  • Jazzy Lime Jelly: Coconut ganache and lime jelly filling between dobosch biscuits.
  • Cherry Jewel: Cherry jelly with pistachio ganache filling between dobosch biscuits.

  • Availability: In stock
Net Weight: 1.54 lbs
Shelf Life: 365 Days
Recommended Storage: Refrigerated

Sugar, glucose, cherry purée, butter, wheat flour, cocoa butter, water, whole milk powder, eggs, almonds, pistachios, humectant, skim milk powder, cocoa paste, fine spirit, fructose, lactose, corn starch, emulsifier, jellifying agent, invert sugar syrup, acidifier, coloring, malt extract, vanillin, orange flavoring, natural vanilla, lime juice, apple sauce, natural coconut flavoring, humectant, fructose, batida de coco, soy lecithin, jellifying agent, fine spirit, cocoa powder, orange flavoring, raspberry purée, wheat flour, raspberry brandy, natural raspberry flavoring, hazelnuts, soy flour, strawberry essence, banana purée, lime juice, coloring, cherry purée, whisky, currants, cream natural caramel flavoring

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Ready to use

These cookies make a beautiful presentation on a buffet or dessert table; mix in with homemade cookies in the bakery case; great for amenities and room service; line up symmetrically on a mirror for an impeccable presentation

Time and labor saving; evenly pre-cut into bite-sized portions; excellent shelf life; handcrafted by artisans

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