Recipe Exclusives


Attention Haters: I'm Making a Case for Milk and White Chocolate

Exhibit A: Meadow Milk

We just finished off a weeklong training here at AUI headquarters to familiarize ourselves with our new Felchlin products. There were long days of couverture tasting, technical chocolate talk, and inspirational recipe demonstrations...READ MORE

April 13, 2017


5 Cozy Fall Dessert Recipes

A Recipe Round-Up For Changing Leaves and Discerning Palates

There's an autumnal nip in the air, and with Thanksgiving right around the corner guests are looking for desserts that are both comforting and classy. These five recipes feature the flavors of fall in all their autumnal splendor. READ MORE

November 16, 2016

Bountiful Berries

7 Refreshing Summer-Ready Desserts

Summer is in full swing & we’ve got a whole lineup of lighter, refreshing desserts loaded with berry goodness to help beat the heat. READ MORE

July 15, 2016

8 All-American Desserts for the 4th

It's Like A Fireworks Display On Your Dessert Menu!

The only thing more American than an Alexander Hamilton hip-hop musical is this list of 8 delicious desserts. Not everybody wants tickets to see "Hamilton," but everybody wants to see one of these American favorites this 4th of July weekend. READ MORE

July 1, 2016

4 New Uses For Classic Pastry Mixes

Save Time And Money With These Clever Pastry Hacks

Like an Ikea desk magically transformed into an heirloom vanity set, these basic pastry mixes can be turned into so much more than they seem! Here are a few unique uses for some of our most popular pastry mixes. READ MORE

May 20, 2016

Win Mother's Day With These 10 Recipes For Procrastinating Pastry Chefs 

Mom-Approved Recipes For Your Busiest Brunch Service

Calling all procrastinating pastry chefs! Here are 10 mom-friendly recipes you can make with ingredients you already have in the walk-in and dry storage. Brace yourselves for brunch service, and don’t forget to take Monday off! READ MORE 

May 6, 2016

7 Springtime Recipes For A Spring Fling

A Recipe Round-Up To Get Your Guests Ready For Fine Weather

April showers bring May flowers, and a whole bevy of new opportunities for your dessert menu! Here are 7 recipes that will have your customers thinking spring. READ MORE

April 29, 2016


7 Fall Desserts That Will Cure Pumpkin Spice Overload

Including A Highly Addictive Feuilletine Spice That Will Change Your Life

In the year that pumpkin pie spice jumped the shark (ahem) the last thing any of us wants to make or eat for Thanksgiving is a pumpkin pie. Let the pumpkin spice backlash continue with these 7 desserts that scream, “fall is here,” but won’t make your guests scream, “enough with the pumpkin spice!” READ MORE

November 11, 2015

pumpkin and punch

Exotic Autumn Mocktail Recipe

Happy Halloween From AUI Fine Foods!

We celebrated Halloween at AUI headquarters with a chili cook off, some spooky treats, and a delicious sparkling punch prepared by our Assistant Pastry Chef, Heather Shaffer. The punch is  tasty concoction of AUI's Exotic Fruit Purée, Cherry Purée, and a little sparkling water and green tea ginger ale. Mix it up this weekend for a family-friendly beverage, or add a a few glugs of vodka to get the party started after hours. Just be safe out there, kids! READ MORE

October 30, 2015


Did The Fat Vegans of Facebook Finally Crack The Code on Vegan Meringues?

Aquafaba Gets An AUI Taste Test With Surprising Results

A Facebook group with the endearingly frank title “What Fat Vegans Eat” has exploded over the last few months with a game-changing discovery by one of its members: the liquid from a can of plain old chickpeas can be used in lieu of egg whites to create meringues and other egg white based products. Yup, as it turns out, that gooey stuff that usually goes down the drain is liquid gold to vegans and folks with egg allergies. READ MORE

October 13, 2015


PCB Creation - Décor For All Occasions

In today’s blog entry, we’re not going to beat around the bush with a cute story. Why bury the lead? AUI has exciting news, and we’re excited to share with everyone. Today, we can finally shout it from the rooftops (or, the blog tops): AUI is now the exclusive distributor of PCB Creations décor in the United States!!! READ MORE

August 14, 2015


Specialty Baking – Top 10 Pastry Essentials for the Kitchen

Ask any commercial kitchen to describe key elements of the pantry and you’re likely to hear the chef rattle off a list of staple ingredients… flour, milk, cream, sugar and more. We asked our Pastry Team to dig a little deeper and help us reveal the Top 10 Essentials of Specialty Baking. READ MORE

June 15, 2015


A chef’s guide to premium chocolate 

In our last post, we examined several factors affecting the quality of couverture. Suffice it to say, not all 73% bittersweet tastes that same. READ MORE

May 18, 2015


Chocolate Talk

Let’s break it down. Thanks to our community of chefs & foodies, we received quite a few inquiries about couverture. Heading into the weekend, we thought we’d get a little wonky and break it down by the numbers. READ MORE

May 8, 2015


A chocolate called… Vanda!

Vanda? [Go ahead… we invite you to google it]. Vanda is best known as a genus in the orchid family (Orchidaceae). Hardy in nature, Vanda orchids boast fragrant and long lasting flowers. Vanda orchids are said to produce some of the more stunning blooms the world over. READ MORE

May 1, 2015


How Sweet It Is

When one thinks of the term “sweet,” sugar undoubtedly springs to mind. Historically speaking, the sugaring of many European foods and drinks can be traced to the spice boom of the late Middle Ages. Sugar was considered a luxury item, available to nobility and royalty alone. In later years, sugar was transplanted to the New World, and rapidly became the most important item in the trans-oceanic trade. READ MORE

April 24, 2015