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Skill Level » Advanced

Alphonso Mango Tart

Posted by: AUI

Active Time

0 Hour   40 Minutes

Total Time

2 Hour   30 Minutes


1Granola Shortbread



  1. Soften the butter. Add the sugar, salt, invert sugar and vanilla powder. Beat in the 2 flours and baking powder. Roll out the dough until flat to a thickness of 0.08/2mm. Cut out disks 0.8in/7cm in diameter. Make a hole in the center of each disk. Bake for 12 minutes at 302°F/ 150°C. Coat the pastry with cocoa butter and a thin layer of white chocolate immediately after removing them from the oven, to prevent them from softening.

2Mango Jelly



  1. Heat the mango purée then add the softened gelatine. Use as desired.

3Ponthier Mango Mousse



  1. Make an Italian meringue with the sugar, glucose, water and egg white. Heat the mango purée and add the softened gelatin. Once the meringue mixture is warm and stiff, remove from the beater and add a little mango purée to soften the mix. Then slowly add the meringue mixture to the mango purée. When the mixture is smooth and even, gently add the whipped cream.

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