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Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Bar

Posted by: AUI

Active Time

0 Hour   45 Minutes

Total Time

12 Hour   59 Minutes


1Hazelnut Dacquoise



  1. Make a meringue with the egg whites, egg white powder, and granulated sugar. Sift the powdered sugar with the hazelnut flour and pastry flour. Fold into the meringue. Spread evenly onto a full sheet pan lined with a Silikomart Silkmat (591030.) Bake at 356F/ 180C for 10-12 minutes.

2Hazelnut Crunchy Caramel



  1. Mix the first amount of sugar and vanilla bean together. Make a dry caramel. Add the roasted hazelnuts while still warm. Pour out onto a Silikomart Silkmat (591030.) Allow to cool completely. Once cool roughly chop.
  2. Mix the second amount of sugar and vanilla bean together. Make a dry caramel. Deglaze with the heavy cream. Cook to 226F/ 108C. Add the butter and the hazelnut paste. Emulsify and leave to cool.
  3. Once completely cool, fold in the chopped caramelized hazelnuts.

3Milk Chocolate Almond Glaze



  1. Melt the glaze and combine with the almonds.

4Maracaibo 38% Chantilly



  1. Boil the cream and add to the couverture. Refrigerate. Whip to medium peaks.

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