Vanilla Beans, Papua New Guinea, Organic Grade A, 8 oz / 227 g
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Frutta Prima

Vanilla Beans, Papua New Guinea, Organic Grade A, 8 oz / 227 g

Clean icon image Dairy-Free icon image Non-Gluten Ingredient icon image Kosher Pareve icon image Nut-Free icon image Sugar-Free icon image Trans-Fat-Free icon image Vegan icon image Vegetarian icon image

Product Code: 660102

Product Code: 660102
Vanilla tahitensis. Floral, fruity, and sweet flavor profile. Great in dairy and fruit-based application, enhancing sweetness and rounding off tartness and acidity.,
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Net Weight: 8 oz/227 g
Shelf Life:365
Recommended Storage: Store at 60-75°F/15-24°C. Keep in cool, dry and rodent free location away from direct sunlight without drastic temperature fluctuations. Reseal product immediately after use. DO NOT REFRIGERATE or allow the package to come in contact with refrigerated or frozen products. It is recommended to open the bags and expose the beans to ambient air after 6 months to maintain optimal quality.
Ingredients: Vanilla Bean
Country of Origin:Papua New Guinea
Application: Vanilla bean seeds can flavor baked goods, creams, mousses, and more. Pods can be used to make vanilla sugar. Dried pods can be used for décor.
Preparation:Split bean and scrape out seeds or use as is. Scraped beans can be used to flavor sugar and in other applications.