Extra Brut Cocoa Powder, Dutch Processed
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Des Alpes

Extra Brut Cocoa Powder, Dutch Processed

Product Code: 504047

Dutch-processed; deep brown color; intense cocoa flavor

11 lbs
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Net Weight: 11.02 lbs
Shelf Life: 730 Days
Recommended Storage: Dry/Ambient

Cocoa Powder

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Ready to use; sift to remove small lumps

Use to dust truffles, cakes, and pastries; flavor batters, doughs, sorbets, ice creams, and meringues; add sugar and milk to make hot chocolate; use to create great tasting low-fat chocolate desserts

Dutch processed; dark rich color; intense cocoa flavor; heavier with more cocoa butter than “regular” cocoa powder; processed with an alkali so it contains no acid to react to the baking soda in the recipe; contains 22-24% cocoa butter