About Us

Serving professional chefs for over 45 years, AUI Fine Foods (AUI) has prospered through many changes, meeting challenges with vigor and an uncompromising commitment to quality products and services. From the days as a one-man show to the 150-strong force of today, we have partnered with top companies from around the world to bring classic and innovative tools to today’s industry trendsetters.

AUI employs corporate R&D pastry chefs and seasoned professionals whose experiences provide ideas and assistance to those in the field. The sales force, the hub and point of contact for customers, are resources themselves as many are chefs by profession. They are anchored by an excellent customer service team, providing solutions that make the most of a chef’s time and creative talent without sacrificing the demand for taste, craftsmanship, and quality.

AUI Values



… we engage with all stakeholders as respected business partners


… in all our commitments and actions


… a team oriented culture focused on what’s best

No Compromise

… quality of our people, processes, products and services


… add value by offering thought leadership


… of our impact on society and the environment through our actions

Meet Our Board of Directors

Meet the members who oversee the activities and progress of our company to help ensure our continued success. READ MORE.