Demi-Glace de Veau, 10 lbs / 4.5 kg
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Demi-Glace de Veau, 10 lbs / 4.5 kg

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Product Code: 889122

Product Code: 889122
More Than Gourmet Code: DGV300
A flavorful veal stock that has been reduced down to create an incredibly rich & thick sauce.,
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Net Weight: 10 lbs/4.5 kg
Shelf Life:730
Recommended Storage: Store at room temperature.
Ingredients: Veal stock (veal bones, water), roux (made of wheat flour and veal fat), modified food starch, mirepoix stock (made of carrot, celery, and onion stocks), mushroom stock, sauteed carrot stock (carrot stock, sunflower oil), tomato paste, salt.
Country of Origin:USA
Application: Roux thickened, can be used for high-end finishing sauces.
Preparation:Ratio is 1:4 (reduction : water); yields approx. 6.25 gallons demi-glace