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Product Code: 671522

Fast gelling gelatin, little sweet, transparent, and freeze-resistant.Mixture of gelling agent, thickeners and sweetener.Vegetal origin.

Vegetable origin gelling agent that accepts freezing, a mixture based on carrageenan, garofin gum and xanthan gum. 

 Properties: Gelatin transparent and resistant to freezing. 

 Directions for use: Mix the powder with the rest of the solids, add to the liquid and shake vigorously, heat the minimum mixture to 80 ° C. Once cooled below 40ºC already begins to gel.

 Does not act with alcohol or oil. 

 Observations: False spherification / False pâte fruit / Other elaborations of cold gelatins for confectionery

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Dosage: 100 g/kgHigh calcium values increases the reactivity of the gelling agent. Allows the jellification ofalcohol and acid liquids. It is an hydrocolloid product, hence it does not react in fatty mediums.Preparation: Mix powder with the liquid and stir vigorously. Heat the mixture to 100 °C, stirring constantly. The jellification occurs when the liquid temperature goes down to 40-50 °C (depending on the liquid’s composition).

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