Paragon Confections



A model of excellence or perfection

An item regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.

An item viewed as a model of excellence.

Our eclectic collection of the best of all confections from around the world.

We work with artisan confectioners from around the world to bring the best selection of chocolate bon bons, petite pastries, macarons and more to your kitchen!

We offer classic, on trend, high-end confections for all occasions.

Complex flavor combinations with modern finishes to elevate

Premium ingredients used: finest raw materials

Artisan made


Partnering with the finest artisan confectionary producers the world has to offer, Paragon Confections presents a wide variety of decadent confections suitable for any occasion. The collection offers traditional European-inspired delights, as well as contemporary takes on tastes and décor. The flavors featured in the collections won't disappoint, featuring tastes from exotic chai and cardamom to the timeless hazelnut and raspberry.