Maison Ponthier
Founded by André Ponthier and his wife, Maison Ponthier began as a fresh fruit company in 1946. New innovative techniques and technologies were added along the way to allow for the creation of vacuum-packed cooked chestnuts and chilled fruit purées. Ponthier prides itself on the knowledge, the quality, and the food safety that comes with over 70 years of experience in the industry.

Quality Ingredients
Ponthier purées are almost all derived from single-origin fruits. The location of the origin of the fruit and its variety are clearly mentioned on each package of purée, thus allowing the consumer to trust in the exclusive traceability that Ponthier is able to provide. The fruit is purchased once a year when it is seasonally available and ripe. Additionally, pure cane sugar is used as the sweetener in most of the purees and the minimum fruit content is 90%, with some having a higher percentage. The Brix level is guaranteed on the label of each purée wherever it is applicable. No colorings, preservatives, or artificial flavors are ever added.

Shelf Life
Ponthier is able to guarantee an opened shelf life in frozen purées of 15 days and, in chilled purées, of 12 days. Thus giving chefs and beverage professionals more working time with thawed and opened purées.